Reversal of Fortune

EVE Online


A Hybrid of Ideas

The topic of skill attributes and clone upgrade costs has surfaced again. I took some of the ideas people have suggested and along with my own twist, put together a couple things:

  • Clone upgrade costs is 100% removed from the game. No more having to open up the Medical facility and going through the process of updating your clone. Now the player, no matter how long they have been playing, can decide how much they risk.
  • Being podded adds fatigue to the new Jump Fatigue mechanic. This maintains the current urge to save your pod. The degree of fatigue is of course left to balancing by CCP.
  • Attributes are completely removed from the game including attribute implants. Skills train the same as they are now, but now there is no need to be restricted to training a certain group once a year. With the attribute implants gone there is also no need to skip out on glorious combat due them.

I’m curious what your thoughts are. Leave a comment here or any other EVE related forum.