Reversal of Fortune

EVE Online

142 Days of Coalition Sovereignty Video


I’m sure many of you have seen the alliance level sovereignty videos showing a hundred different colors all shifting around the map. I wondered what a video would look like on a coalition level.



3 thoughts on “142 Days of Coalition Sovereignty Video

  1. Guess coalitions are happy with the status quo.
    Sure you can use the ‘nobody wants to grind sov’ excuse but that just means you are too lazy to fight a war/don’t want that war anyway.

    • I’m not in nullsec currently, but i was in a small alliance that fought in several smaller scale sov wars. The structure grinds that took place during those wars were the most boring thing I’ve ever done in this game, and I was a highsec moner for several months.

      Not wanting to grind the sov isnt just an excuse, its a damned good reason. Grinding one region sucks, now try doing a dozen.

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