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Public Auction for Which Region to Probe Next

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After receiving so many different suggestions on which region to probe next, I decided to have an auction to let the public decide which one should be next. I have created a character named Moon Mineral Surveyor. In addition to this I created an API pull that tracks wallet journal entries and a Google Chart to track it.

The idea is rather simple. At approximately 00:00 on 07-12-2014; the region with the most player donations becomes the next region to be probed and the results becoming public for all. I need that time to finish another project before I start probing again. Players just need to list under the reason box a +/- and the region name. Example: + Kor-Azor


I’m allowing players to influence specific regions negatively should they have an interest in a specific region(s) to not be probed as opposed to splitting the amount across the other regions. Due to the API being public one should consider using an alt if they wish to do this anonymously.

I will only be probing the moons and listing the results. Taking the time to note things like who has the moon towered, jump bridges and CSAA just makes the process take longer. Time that I can spend probing more moons. Hopefully I will be able to release the information I find daily until the region is complete instead of waiting until the very end. It will just depend on how things go. I will also not be probing high sec moons for obvious reasons.

As much as I would love to walk away with untold riches, donating large amounts is not necessary to have the region you want probed. Just pay attention the total amount and chart to see which region is in the lead. So don’t get too crazy. Again, make sure you send the probing donation to the character name ‘Moon Mineral Surveyor’ only with the reason box with a + or – and the region name, watch the API feed and or check the totals to make sure you are in on the loop. The chart and totals are available on this public Google Chart HERE.


One thought on “Public Auction for Which Region to Probe Next

  1. Public Auction for Which Region to Probe Next | Reversal of Fortune

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