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Bridging The Gap: Space Police


The Lawful and Outlaws

It is something that has been around forever. The good guys chasing the bad guys. Good versus evil. Right and wrong. In high security space, a lot of what is classified as wrong is handled appropriately by non player characters dishing out justice. A criminal act is dealt with by Concord warping in and blowing up that players ship. In almost all cases an actually human player can’t do anything but ninja on the killmail. Any action they take towards the would be criminal prior to the act results in them becoming the victim of Concord.

There is the ultra rare cases where the outlaw actually has a security status low enough where another player can engage them prior to any crimes being committed. But, most of the time the outlaw uses insta-out bookmarks from stations and Orcas at safe spots safely storing their suicide ganking ship until the time comes. Also the faction navy makes a point to engage these outlaws making them not eager to stay in one spot very long.

In the end there is little to nothing for a law abiding citizen to do. Enforcing the law is for the most part completely handled by the computer controlled non player characters.

Empire Only

Right now security status can go up and down in empire space depending on your actions. The odd part is how in null security space functions. Null space is essentially the Wild West. There is no law. Any actions that normally would be considered criminal never results in a security status penalty. It is lawless space.

The odd part is that any actions resulting in a positive security status increase remains intact. One of the side effects of this system; is players performing heinous crimes in empire space, lurking back to the darkest depths of null space only to reappear a time later with a repaired security status to make them untouchable for past crimes.

This is simply broken. While I believe security status should be able to be repaired via Concord tokens buying your way back or manually going about killing the NPC pirates; these actions should all take place in empire space. The first part of this proposal is:

Security status can only be altered while in empire space. (high and low)


Job Openings for the Police

Currently an outlaw in a system is determined by the system’s security status as well as the player’s security status. Example being a player with a -4.5 or worse security status means they can be legally attacked by players. It also means that the faction police will attack them the entire time they are in system. Which means the only time they spend in that system is just to travel through it, usually being webbed by the police speeding the process up. The second change is:

NPC police no longer attacks a player if their security status is too low.

The outlaw will still be attacked and killed if they perform a criminal act, just like right now. So nothing changes in that aspect. They of course will still be flashy and can legally be attacked, just like right now. The difference is there is no longer the NPC police helping to kill them. It will be 100% up to the players to fulfil the role of stopping outlaws if they want.

  • Players with -2.0 or worse can be attacked in 1.0 systems
  • Players with -2.5 or worse can be attacked in 0.9 systems
  • Players with -3.0 or worse can be attacked in 0.8 systems
  • Players with -3.5 or worse can be attacked in 0.7 systems
  • Players with -4.0 or worse can be attacked in 0.6 systems
  • Players with -4.5 or worse can be attacked in 0.5 systems

So in theory it is entirely possible for a -10 security status player to get in their Raven, pull a level 4 mission in Dodixie and run the mission – just like a legal citizen. Even gain the security status boost killing the NPC rats and such, just like a legal citizen. The question is; will other players find them and attack?

Aggressing an outlaw would of course start a limited engagement timer, which the outlaw can shoot back if they choose to. Concord does not respond to limited engagements. So be sure you are prepared when attempting to apprehend an outlaw.

Assisting an Outlaw

One of the most common and despised tactics in high security space is the use of gang links, remote repair and other mechanics to tip the balance dramatically in a fight. While I want to see these still remain an option, there will be a penalty for using them with regard to outlaws.

Any assist mechanic used on an outlaw will result in being suspect flagged and a security status hit. The severity of the security status penalty will depend on the outlaw it benefits. The lower it is, the more severe the penalty.

It is still entirely possible to have some super tanked up command ship hugging a station, but the difference between now and the change is they can legally be attacked just like someone using remote repairs on an outlaw. I strongly suggest using a bumping Machariel to get them off the station/gate first before you engage.

Bounty Incentives

Right now there is no incentive to actively hunt specific targets. If an entity has a bounty it pays out 20% no matter what. Another change I want to see is war targets paying more along with any entity in the top ten most wanted in the Bounty Office.

An additional 10% bounty is paid if it is a war target and or an additional 10% if they are the top 10 most wanted. This means that if the target falls under both – the total bounty payout is 40% of the kill value.


More Content

The idea for these changes is to bridge the gap a bit between low security space and high security space. Now there is a bit of a blend and outlaw players are no longer cut off from things like market hubs and missions. There will still be those who choose not to go to high sec and have others ship supplies to them in low sec, but there is always the option if they want it.

More importantly is a much sought after play style becoming possible. Anti-pirates or more officially – the Space Police in high sec. While there is no official faction for the police, they will function in the same regard as pirates. You never really know who they are. They may ignore you and fly right by or when you least expect it – attack!

So in closing for this section of Bridging The Gap we have four changes:

  • Security status can only be altered while in empire space. (high and low)
  • NPC police no longer attacks a player if their security status is too low.
  • Any assist mechanic used on an outlaw will result in being suspect flagged and a security status hit.
  • An additional 10% bounty is paid if it is a war target and/or an additional 10% if they are the top 10 most wanted.

WOOP WOOP! That’s the sound of the player run space police.


21 thoughts on “Bridging The Gap: Space Police

  1. There’s nothing here that actually lets Pirate players actually access missions or high-sec content though. You can already dodge NPC police on gates in a fast frigate and they’ll never catch you or rat your way back to positive sec-status in Low Sec or even High Sec.

    Players are going to come kill you though if you try and seriously bring out a mission or NPC-ratting fit. No one with an ounce of sanity is going to actually hang around in High Sec while flashy unless they’re setting up a trap. That’s all this is going to do, open up new ways for players to setup the classic “go into your mission and steal from your can” trap.

    The “revenge for past crimes” bit of this is already covered by the ability to sell Kill Rights. No it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll die in something shiny but neither does this.

    I’m not not seeing the compelling game-play here. I see the theory, that’s very clear, but it seems to completely ignore how players actually act.

  2. i’m sorry but -5 and below is the threshold for outlaw not -4.5

  3. Smartbombs have always been high risk in high sec. If there are no faction police, then we could potentially see an upswing in their use by the rapscallion element. Both to clear off hostile drones…. and in a more aggressive stance, to nuke miners/mission runners etc….

    • There still will be faction police, but they will not be going after players because of their security standings. You technically can use smartbombs in high sec and as long as you don’t hit an non legal targets.

  4. “Look at me! I’m a lonely pirate all flashy red and running this mission in Lanngisi all by myself. There is nobody else around! Wouldn’t it be horrible if some mean +5 was to warp in here and blow me up? I feel so vulnerable with no friends to support me!”


    “Don’t mind us, we’re just a roving band of -10 permaflashies roving around in our Taloses. We’re certainly not going to suicide gank your freighter.”


    Marlona, your idea is brilliant and would certainly lead to an incredible amount of “content” creation. I suspect a lot of that content would be angry letters to CCP from customers unsubscribing though.

    • > “Don’t mind us, we’re just a roving band of -10 permaflashies roving around in our Taloses. We’re certainly not going to suicide gank your freighter.”

      No one is actually going to do this because you’re fair game for any Tornado, Maelstrom, Rokh, or Megathron with a high enough scan res. The rest of the group can’t help because you’re all flashy and the guy who just blew one of your compatriots out of the water just opened (and probably immediately closed) a limited engagement.

      You could sit off-grid, warp onto the gate, gank someone, and die in a fire to Concord, but people already do that. No significant change here from current behavior, it’s just a little easier to move around because the faction police won’t try to pop you.

  5. one thing is a player may only shoot another player without concord intervention in highsec only if the security status of the target is less than -5,0.

    the list you listed is only at wich level a player will be attacked by NPC police

  6. I like those suggestions a lot!
    Also, what about giving players who kill outlaws a sec status increase? I see some ways to abuse that tho, but it’d make sense regarding the “all things playerbased theme”.

    • If there was a way to do this without it being exploited, sure.

      • I don’t think there’s a way to exploit this unless you make it a huge increase compared to just killing rats or Incursions. Ships cost money, clones cost money, and if you just create a new player and tank their sec-status then you’re in violation of CCP’s policy on abusing throw-away characters.

      • One way to make it safer against exploits would be to couple the status sec gain to the value of the ship being killed, analog to the like the bounty system.

  7. If this is implemented, the highsec pirates like Marmite will immediately jump on the opportunity. I can’t decide if having them in place of faction police is good or bad. They will be way more efficient than current police, oh yes; at least around trade hubs. But it just feels wrong to give police star badge to that scum.

  8. I like these changes. Make it so.

  9. Your wording is a bit confusing. I’m having trouble distinguishing between your description of the existing system and your proposed changes.

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